Let Us Build Your Canvas!

      The First Step,                 Choose Your Images! 


   Next Step,    Choose a Size and  Choose a Background!
            Sizes: 8X10, 11X14, 12X12, 16X20...

    #1.   Sunbursts, Made to enhance Your Custom...

   #2. Patined Car                           #3.  Keys on Wood

       This Background is made up of                                   White Oak and Keys
          Pieces of Patined Car Parts                                              Portrait Mode  

      #4.  Keys on Wood
                  White Oak and Keys
               Landscape Mode

      Next Step, Approve An Image! You receive a Link!
      Follow the Link and Choose an Image You Like and
      Decide if You Want Framed or Not Framed!

       * Examples...

I hope this was somewhat helpful in making the decision of having A Canvas Print Made of Your Custom Car!  We Look Forward To Talking With You About YOUR Custom Print...     

The Final Step in This Process, Contact: karshotz...
     karshotz@ 330-770-6543    Thank You For Your Time!

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