Hello, and Happy New Year! 

  Where should I start? Last year was a great year for me in many ways. Recovering from a heart attack last year, I was asked to set up a tent at The Custom Car Revival in Indianapolis, IN. I thought that was a great idea. And a way to show the public a little about me that most never knew. 

    As a photographer and a go getter, I don’t just do photos.  I also produce books, big books, full of amazing images of some very special cars! “All Customs”!  A 132 page hard cover book full of nothing but, you guessed it!   Traditional Custom Cars! Three years to gather the images  and six months to make a book and have a heart attack! What a great way to enjoy the making of a book full of Custom Cars.                    

   Well, I set out thinking of what to put out there to sell, other than photos. As I mentioned, I make books. I also make adult Coloring Books.  I ordered 20 coloring books, five of each volume.   I have four 29/30 page books with all different images.  I also produce a 130 page,  Master Series Adult Coloring Book!  So I ordered 15 of those as well.
  Then, I have the book, “All Customs” and another larger format book, “Images” by: karshotz…    

   I made sure to have those along with me as well. So 20 of “All Customs”  and 5 copies of “Images”!  And I thought I would share what I do with my illustration work.  So I made about 15 various murals using Custom Cars.   Printed them on canvas and took those along with me.   I had a few images that I printed on Metallic Paper and stuck them in frames.   I figured I was set!     So off to Indy.      
    It turned out to be a great event as always. I had so much interest in my work, that I could not leave my tent but a few times throughout that entire day.    
    I barley had time to eat! And I was hungry…I only brought a few books home! And I’m not complaining…   I did however bring home most of the canvas prints, as I needed them to decorate my garage! Lol.  
    Overall, it was a wonderful trip! Of course a Great Event! And so much time was spent talking with old friends and making plenty of new friends! I had plenty of time to take copious amounts of car images!  Oh, it sounds like another book? Well, YES! But, with a curve!                        
    This book is going to be sold as a magazine, not a book! It is going to include several other photographers and myself. A collaboration of many! Photos are all in, project has been started, and it is on its way to happening, hopefully by the end of January.     
   The selling price is going to at cost! Not for profit project!   I will let you know when it is available!      

   We also started a New Online Storefront! Selling all of my growing line of merchandise. Includes but not limited to, books, coloring books, canvas prints and Metallic Prints and T-Shirts. Many more to come, So check in often!

     We also finished a book, of Voodoo Larrys Kustoms, The Voodoo Sahara Build! It also is available on this New Storefront! It shows images taken by Lawrence W. Grobe of his Craftsmanship at building a Kustom from ground up, To completion! Including finished images of The Voodoo Sahara! Some images by: critter, Chris Ratis and myself, karshotz…       

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   Overall, 2017 has been a Great Year for us here at karshotz-photography. I want to take this time to Thank All Of Those That Help Support Us In Anyway! Including those that shared my posts on social media!    Getting our posts in front of others and getting our word out to others is Great Support. And for that, I’m Grateful!   Thank You! karshotz… Alan R. Ward

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